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Part 1:
Use LinkedIn or another source, such as InterNations (Links to an external site.) or an international association like Academy of International Business (Links to an external site.), to find a resource partner for the New International Venture final paper in Week 6. (Please see instructions in Week 6 for information about the final paper). Find a person located in a home country where your business venture for the New International Venture final paper will be located. Introduce yourself to your research partner, explain your research paper, and obtain information from your resource partner on their home country, career or field of expertise, and education.
Briefly describe your final paper idea and share the background of your resource partner, as well as why you chose your partner. Include any vital information the resource partner has provided about the home country and/or industry thus far.
Part 2:
Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read the required textbook Chapters 1 through 4 and locate and review the most recent annual report for Microsoft. For this discussion, you need to do some web sleuthing before sharing thoughts on the discussion questions. The goal is to review the topics from many views, synthesize the research, and provide a comprehensive picture of Microsoft in the global marketplace today. Address the following:
Begin the web quest by researching current news articles and the most recent annual report for Microsoft.
What is the overall global economy projected to be by 2030 and what do you think will be the highest growth divisions for Microsoft at that time and in what geographic areas? Support your projections with at least two credible and recent sources.
Share a news link to an article that you found that describes Microsoft interacting with a nongovernmental organization (NGO) or foreign government. Share your link (please cite it), briefly summarize the article, and include a description of the importance/role of the NGO or government entity.
Next, share a news link to an article that describes a cultural challenge or ethical dilemma Microsoft faced outside of the United States. Share your link (please cite it), briefly summarize the article, and include your own thoughts on how Microsoft might have handled the problem differently to ameliorate the situation.
Week 6 document is as follows:
ou are the Managing Director of a U.S.-multinational corporation for a new product or service launch that will commence next week. Over the past six weeks, you have collected data and research to support the successful launch of your product or service into one foreign market outside of the United States. Assume that your launch will include the opening of one foreign office with staffing, marketing, and financial needs. Remember to utilize the information you have gathered from your global partner.
Utilize the following parameters to compose your final paper and utilize your executive summary from this week’s discussion forum. (For this final paper, the executive summary should be in writing.) You may review Writing an Executive Summary (Links to an external site.) from the Ashford University Writing Center to assist you in your final paper.
For this assignment, you are required to upload your work to your ePortfolio in addition to Waypoint. Learn more about Folio, Ashford’s ePortfolio tool, by viewing the Folio Quick Start Guide (Links to an external site.).
Submit your file to Waypoint using the button below. Then paste the link to your Folio page as a comment in Waypoint so your instructor can access your ePortfolio.
For this paper, you must
Create a company that is expanding internationally. For your company
Provide an executive summary.
Provide a company overview.
Describe the product/service.
State the host country.
Create an overview of the host country environment utilizing at least two business process analyses, such as a PESTLE, SOAR, SWOT, etcetera.
Create an overall business strategy for the new venture (all other strategies should align to this strategy).
Create a marketing strategy for the new venture, including the use of social media.
Create a financial strategy for the new venture, including the concept of foreign money fluctuations and exchanges.
Create human resource strategies for the new venture, including a recruitment and selection plan (think about the use of parent-country nationals [PCNs], third-country nationals [TCNs], and host-country nationals [HCNs] in this decision).
Apply a corporate social responsibility action for the new venture that is specific to the selected host country.
Utilize visuals in the paper, including charts, graphs, or tables to enhance plan elements.


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