750 word essay on topic 2 on taxi in Sydney Australia. Needs executive summary conclusion …

750 word essay on topic 2 on taxi in Sydney, Australia. Needs executive summary, conclusion, diagram and reference list. Need to talk about taxi market structure etc. Have attached essay question, and an example of a past student paper to give my tutor an idea of what they are looking for. I ran out of time to get this started due to sickness, I’m hoping for a great paper, I’ve had some poorly written ones in the past on here which got me 3/10

Write 600-800 words to the questions below The board of directors at AutoEdge is actively…

Write 600-800 words to the questions belowThe board of directors at AutoEdge is actively discussing several options to address flagging revenue. One option continues to surface during each board meeting; that is, relocating the manufacturing operation back to the United States. Longtime Chief Financial Officer, Ingrid Adams, leads the group that is in favor of this option.Ingrid Adams approaches you in the company break room.”Hello,” she says. “I’m glad I saw you.””Hi,” you say. “What can I do for you?”1.”I have a question about economics,” she says. “I think you can help me explain something to some shareholders on the board.””Economics! My favorite subject,” you say. “What’s your question?”2. “If AutoEdge decided to increase its prices and return to the United States,” she says, “how would this action affect consumer demand? 3. I want to know your opinion about elasticity.””Sure,” you say. 4. “So you want to know if the elasticity for auto parts is considered to be relatively inelastic, relatively elastic, unitary elastic, perfectly elastic, or perfectly inelastic. Right?””Exactly,” she says.”I have an opinion,” you say. “Do you want to talk about it now, or do you want something in writing?””Something in writing would be best,” she says. “Would you explain your opinion so that I can respond to questions from other members of the board, too?””I’d be glad to,” you say. “I’ll put something together this afternoon and get it to you before I leave today. Is that soon enough?””Perfect,” she says. “Thanks for your help.”


International trade is a complex area of study. Effects of
policies, currencies, tariffs, trading arrangement, and other variables not
only impact a country but a region and the global economy. Examine the monetary
aspects of international trade. Explain two monetary effects for balance of
payment, foreign exchange, and exchange rate determination.
In 3 pages paper APA style and 4 referencessources to support the paper position
and analyses in addition to one citing.
Outline for Paper

-Define two monetary variables which affect the
balance of payments or foreign exchange rate

-Use three references where researchers have
found that these two monetary variables affect the balance of payments or
foreign exchange rate (add references to annotated bibliography) CONCLUSION
– REFERENCESAttached example of the Assignment.Thanks,Maysana

ECON212-1402A-06 Principles of Microeconomics TaskName: Phase 1 Individual Project Deliverable…

Principles of Microeconomics


Phase 1 Individual Project


words plus graphs


Weekly tasks or assignments. There are 2 brands of cell phones
that are almost identical except for some minor features: the A-Phone and the

Part I
For this part of the assignment, we will focus on the demand
curve. Draw the demand curve for the A-Phone showing how the demand curve
will change if the following occurs:1. There is an overall increase in income.

2. It is discovered that there are health concerns when using
cell phones. (There will be 2 graphs – one for each scenario.)

Part II
For this part of the assignment, we will focus on the supply
curve. Draw the supply curve for the A-Phone showing how it reflects on a
graph if it becomes more expensive to produce cell phones as the input prices
has gone up.

Part III
As the publics dependence on cell phones continues to grow, the
cost of the phones may be decreasing, but the stronghold that
telecommunication companies have on the public in regards to contracts and
climbing fees is alarming.

Additionally, all cell phone companies charge about the same
prices, and the consumers do not have much choice in substituting providers.
Consumers appear to need some controls in this regard, and the government
decides to step in and set a price ceiling on a monthly cell phone bill. The
price ceiling is below the equilibrium price.

What are the effects of government intervention in the cell
phone market?(What happen to the equilibrium price, quantity demanded and
quantity supplied) Is this a good thing for consumers?


Utilize the tools of
economics for decision making for a firm operating in a market economy
Discuss the impact of current economic trends and realities on
politics, the workplace and the quality of individual lives.

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1 Economics 201 Review for Midterm Examination, April 10, 2014 1. What are the current values of the three main macroeconomic indicators? [See bea.gov and bls.gov for the answers including the 12-month rate of change in the CPI as a measure of the rate of inflation.] 2. Why does it matter whether the tax rate times the multiplier (assuming constant interest rates, in the simplest case) is less than 1, equal to 1, or greater than 1? [See first midterm and make-up as well as lecture notes.] 3.