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What proceeds does Rex receive?

Rex Corporation accepted a $5,000, 8%, 120-day note dated August 8 from Regis Company in settlement of a past bill. On October 11, Rex discounted the note at Park Bank at 9%. What are the note's maturity value, discount period,…

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What is the net price of the car?

A model NASCAR race car lists for $79.99 with a trade discount of 40%. What is the net price of the car? Solution: ForNASCAR race car: Price = $79.99 Discount = 40% So, Trade Discount = $79.99*40% = $31.996... et…

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is a country better with a trade surplus or deficit Though it is often assumed that a trade surplus is good for an economy whereas a trade deficit is bad, but in general, trade imbalances are always considered as negative…

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