This assignment is able to be used for the Bio 459 Upper Division Writing Requirement for Biology and Biochemistry majors.
Choose an organism that lives in this area (Northeastern US).
The species in the model paper (Snowshoe Hare – Lepus americanus) is not allowed to be chosen.
In 3-5 pages (1½ spaced) , IN YOUR OWN WORDS, write about an aspect of NATURAL POPULATION(S) of this species that is relevant to course topics, such as:
population genetics, population biology, genetics of species or population differences, genetics of ecological variation/adaptation, conservation of an endangered species, responses of populations to climate change, pollution, etc. (Laboratory model organisms, laboratory research, and human/medical biology are not appropriate topics for this assignment.)
Use at least two references from the scientific literature (primary journal articles or reviews).
Additional references could be web sites, but Wikipedia and other encylopedias NOT ALLOWED as references.
Cite your references using a consistent format.In text: e.g. (True and Smith 2011)AND In a “References Cited” section e.g.True, J.R. and Smith, M.M. 2011 article title. Journal volume: pages
(I attached a sample for this assignment. I chose “Woodchuck(Groundhog)” for the species.)