Communications and Media

Movie Gladiator (2000)

Movie to be chosen: Gladiator (2000)
You are required to write a (1000 words, double spaced pages, Arial font at 12 points size) paper that will:
· Identify the film theories, genres and sub-genres, and elements of the film that you recognized within the film
· Examine how the film theories have been utilized within the making of the film
· Identify the methods used by the filmmaker in the production of the film.
· Theories and Elements of film that you may cover can include;
– Emotion through Cinematography;
– Visual Literacy;
– Soviet Montage;
– Continuity, Discontinuity; Emotion and Time;
– Classical and Post-Classical Narrations, Post Classical Approach;
– Authorship Movie (Aeteur theory);
– Holllywood Cinema and Technology;
– How cinema styles and tastes have changed, Influence of technology;
– Aesthetics Theory movie;
– Movie Structuralism;
– Apparatus Theory;
– Mise-En-Scene Theory;
– Genre Theory;
– Cognitive Film Theory;
– Movie Archetypes Theory;
– Mimetic and diegetic approach to the film.
· Remember to include correct film terminology and vocabulary appropriate to the subject within your slides and discussion.
· You may use screen captures and images from the film to highlight your discussion.
Assessable elements include:
You MUST identify, describe and discuss at least 2 relevant film theories in your paper
You must be clear that you are discussing a FILM THEORY and not (just) a film element (i.e. Creating emotion through Cinematography is a film element and not a film theory)
Write 1000 Words, the paper should be type with good grammar and spelling, please proofread before submitting and have the work double spaced pages, Arial font at 12 points size
Remember to include inline CITIATIONS and APA REFERENCES (including a Filmography (list) of ALL Films in the paper)
The paper must be written in your own words. Check your safe assign report as anything more than 5% is considered plagiarism
FILMS to choose from – You will be assigned a film to review. You MUST have any your film approved by your teacher before commencing this assignment, your choice should be finalized by 10th February 2021
See Rubric for evaluation criteria
Examine (CLO2) 30%
Identify (CLO1) 30%
Discussion (CLO1) 30%
Organisation (CLO2) 10%
TOTAL 100%