medical surgical nursing unit at Mercy Hospital Center.

Directions: Complete the case study below by answering each question in Part
A and B. Utilize a minimum of two scholarly resources (such as
academic peer-reviewed journal articles or refereed sources) to support
responses to Part A of the case study. For Part B use the NSG4150_Personnel_Budget_Case_Study_Worksheet
PDF provided in Canvas. This document is for illustration only. Do not
make any edits to the spreadsheet. The assignment does not require
a formal written paper; however, when preparing the paper, please use an
APA-style title page with running head, and reference page is required.
NSG4150 Instructions for using the Personnel Budget Paper Template-1.docx
NSG4150 Personnel Budget Case Study_Template.docx
Scenario: Mary
Jane Smith has recently accepted a position as nurse manager on 1 West, a
medical surgical nursing unit at Mercy Hospital Center.
Part A:
1. Identify two of the nursing-sensitive
indicators Mary Jane should consider in making staffing
2. Discuss how nursing-sensitive indicator data
(for each indicator chosen) can be utilized to enhance the safety and quality
of patient care.
3. Consider the following list of considerations
to be made related to acuity:
o comorbid conditions
o complex medical needs
o family/social support
o polypharmacy
o psychological/cognitive status
o complex treatment plans
o number of providers involved
a. For this aspect, explain the ways in which nursing staffing
is impacted by patients who may have two of these issues which would create a
higher acuity level for the patient. This part of the discussion must include
an explanation of two of the considerations listed.
Part B:
Mary Jane has been asked by the Chief Nursing Officer to prepare
a personnel budget for the coming fiscal year. Mary Jane has collected the
following information, in addition to what she has determined based on
nursing-sensitive indicator data discussed in Part A. This information is also
listed on the PDF document (in the unit module) for illustration.
Patient Data
Average Daily Census 28 Unit Capacity 30
Total Care Hours 96,360
Staff Data
Total Hours/employee/year 2,080
Average Salary per
Employee Category
RN $36.00/hour LPN $22.00/hour
Nurse’s Aide $12.00/hour
Answer each of the following questions within
the paper:
1. Calculate the number of full-time equivalents
(FTEs) that would be needed. Use the following formula and show your Take the
total care hours and divide by the total hours for the year.
2. Explain what hours per patient day (HPPD) are
and how the acuity of the unit would affect HPPD?
3. Explain how diagnosis-related groups (DRG’s)
and Case Mix Index (CMI) affects hours per patient day.
4. Review the staffing plan for last year. What
outcomes would you use to evaluate this staffing plan? Based on this data,
would you recommend any changes for the upcoming year?