Management homework help

Management: The Managerial Process.

Read #3 under Exercises on page 531 in Ch. 14 of Project Management: The Managerial Process.
Write a 400-word APA paper (using intro/closing paragraph, etc) of the interview with a response to the following questions:
·        What kind of closure procedures are used to complete a project?
·        Are lessons learned used?
Note: This paper should not read like “My Boss Debby was asked XYX….Debby responded below”. It should also not read like here are the exact words for question one and here is her quoted answer.
In other words I have had submission like below:
Me: Debby, how are you today
Debby: I am fine
Me: Do you use lessons learned?
Debby: Yes I do
Me: That sounds great, etc, etc, etc
However, do not give me a research paper on how the closure process works or how lessons learned are really valuable. This is an interview. You should be able to capture and share some unique insights into how a “real” PM performs their job. If this paper reads “too high level” where it does not apply to a real exchange happening between you and the PM points will be in lost.
The paper should include:
2 sections in the paper body (1 for each question) and discuss what you found out from your interview on each topic question
All papers are APA format to include the intro/closing paragraph.