Making Children’s Rights Real

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Question 1
“Children are not just the passive recipients of other peoples’ concerns for their best interests – they are moral actors in their own right, with a point of view of their own, which should be heard” (Baroness Hale, “Making Children’s Rights Real”, Inaugural Annual Lecture of the Children’s Law Centre 2006).
Critically discuss the “voice of the child” in the context of public and private proceedings under the Children Act 1989.
“The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 will provide a more honest and straightforward process for separating couples and reduce conflict and suffering for them and their children.” (Nuffield Foundation website, 2021).
Critically discuss this statement.
Critically assess the development of the law relating to prenuptial agreements.
I would Prefer to have someone whom has experience doing family law assessments. That can help me get at least get a 2:1