LGBTQ Native-Americans

Part 1: Selection of the
Topic – This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.
Selection of Topic.
This part of the final
project is your choice of topic.
Choose one of the
following subjects or propose one of your own.
One particular emotion or state of mind
such as anger, jealousy, fear, gratitude, confusion, etc.
One specific fairy tale, myth, fable, or
classic story
One religious or spiritual lesson or
belief such as humility, hope, enlightenment, renunciation, reincarnation, the
Trinity, the eight-fold path, ahimsa (non-violence), etc.
One political or social theme such as
social justice and injustice, social inequality, social progress, political
conflict, etc.
One form of cultural/societal identity
such as race, sexual-orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, or class, or you
could combine two of these such as “black women,” or
“Chinese-American fathers,” or “LGBTQ Native-Americans.”
A specific fictional character such as a
character from a novel, play or film or a specific public personality such as a
news anchor, a reporter, a politician etc.
One natural force or element of the
natural world, like a kind of weather (snow, rain, sun), an animal (cat, dog,
horse), a kind of landscape (mountain, oceanic, desert), etc.
Explain two reasons
for your choice in a short paragraph of 4-5 sentences. Be sure to include
the significance of your choice to your own thinking about the world and/or
its cultural significance.
STOP: Before you hand in
your assignment, make sure to ask yourself the following questions:
Have I clearly identified an appropriate
Have I explained two reasons for my choice
explaining the significance of the choice to my own thinking about the world
and/or the topic’s cultural significance?
Have I edited and proofread my writing for
grammatical, structural, and spelling errors that might impede someone from
understanding what I am trying to say?
Due Date for Part 1:
This submission is due by Week 3. Please see the Course Schedule for the exact
due date for this submission. The submission should be carefully edited and
proofed for the standard use of English.