Culture and Ethnic Studies

Lack of Cultural Competency

Final Project Instructions – Part I
Select one (1) of the ethical concerns from the list below to focus your project on:
Dual or Multiple Relationships ( If you select this issue, include the Slippery Slope Phenomenon in your discussion)
Duty to Warn (If you select this issue, include the Tarasoff Case in your discussion)
Transference/Counter transference (If you select this issue, include in your discussion a definition of each and how/if each one is an ethical concern)
Lack of Cultural Competency (If you select this one, include Microaggressions in your discussion)
(Below, I’ve provided some video resources pertaining to each one of the issue above. These are provided just for your reference, to help assist you with developing the points for your paper)
Define the issue including the following in your definition:
What is the issue?
How can it show up in the helping relationship?
Who can be effected by this issue (client, helping professional, community)
How does this impact (negatively or positively) the helping relationship, the client, and/or the community?
Why/How is this issue an ethical concern in the helping relationship? (Use the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals to support your response – link is provided below)
Provide an example, either from your own professional experience or the professional experience of someone you know to demonstrate how this issue has an ethical impact of service provision (be specific with your example)
Part II
Use the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals (Link to Ethical Standards) as your guide to completing the final project. Your final project must:
Identify one key responsibility upon which the Ethical Standards of Practice is based (For example – Responsibility to Clients or Responsibility to Students) Explain your selection in detail including why this is important to the Human Service profession and how it provides guidelines for Human Service professionals to practice ethically. (Please use an outside scholarly article to complete this portion. An APA format citation for this article and any others, must be provided on a References Page and within the body of the text in the form of APA in-text citations)
Tarasoff Case – Like Crime TV shows – Duty to Warn
What is the difference between Transference and Countertransference? – Transference/Countertransference
Confidentiality In Direct Practice – Confidentiality
Counseling Ethics – Affair with Therapist – Dual/Multiple Relationships
Microaggressions in Everyday Life – Lack of Cultural Competency
Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length (no less than 3, no more than 5). APA format is required