Just pick any topic you’d like to write about. Essay 3: Persuasive Documented Re

Just pick any topic you’d like to write about.
Essay 3: Persuasive Documented Research Assignment: Bibliography Goals & Instructions
1) Essay 3 is a persuasive essay and must be 4-5 pages long (a 3-4 page body plus a works cited page with the works cited page included in the essay document, not submitted as a separate document or file). P.S. Don’t forget: the MLA style does not use a cover page; your essay should not have a cover page.
2) It must incorporate opposing viewpoints (consider two sides of a debatable issue) and present at least three reasons for and three reasons against the debatable issue (your chosen topic). If you need help picking or deciding on a topic, GALILEO’s “Issues & Controversies” database is and excellent resource with many topics in many academic disciplines and fields of knowledge to choose from.
3) Your paper should include a properly formatted works cited page and in-text citations (signal phrases or parenthetical citations) done in the MLA format and style (if you are not sure about details of how to cite sources in the MLA style, view or review MLA video tutorials #’s 1-6 found in our iCollege course.
4. Your essay should be formatted in the MLA style (typed, titled, with header, heading, page #’s, double-spaced, in Times New Roman typeface and 12 point fonts.
5. Use all available resources, such as Grammarly, MSWord Spellcheck & Grammar Check, and, if desired, GSU-PC’s Learning & Tutoring Center to revise, proofread, and edit this essay before submitting it to be graded.