Is history in the past?

Is history in the past? Do the past forced evacuations of the
Inuit to TB hospitals in southern Canada impact Inuit communities today? How
are the higher rates of diabetes among First Nations related to a history of
colonization? The residential schools are closed, but how do they still impact
Indigenous peoples who never attended them? Although Euro-American views of
history dictate that it is in the past, the legacy of historic events shape or
create contemporary issues in the present. And this legacy is not always
appreciated by those who do not know the histories.
Review the various historic events and forced culture changes
imposed on Aboriginal peoples in Canada discussed so far in the course and
reflect on their relationship to contemporary health and social issues faced by
Aboriginal communities today. Pick two contemporary health/social issues faced
by Aboriginal peoples today and outline their relationship to historic events.
Provide an example of how the social and/or health issues are discussed in a
context (e.g., the media) that does not consider the role of history in its
Due date: Friday June 11th at midnight
Format: The assignments are written academic submissions and are to be
completed in APA format and will be roughly 4-5 pages in length double-spaced
size 12 Times New Roman font including a cover page and bibliography.
Please utilize the library for art