Communications and Media

Introversion vs. Extroversion

As we discussed in this session’s lecture, your level of Introversion vs. Extroversion makes a big difference in the types and amount of social interaction that is ideal for you. For this learning activity, you will explore your level of Introversion/Extroversion as a means to better understand yourself and your own social needs.
Go to the Extroversion Introversion Test site
Take their online assessment “Extroversion Introversion Test”.
Copy and paste your results into a MS Word document Titled “Journal Entry: Who Am I?”
Following your results, answer the following questions to complete your Journal Entry using APA formatting and utilizing at least 2-3 paragraphs.
Does this seem to describe you? What seems like you and what doesn’t?
How does your level of introversion/extroversion help or hurt you in communicating with others? What are your needs to socialize effectively?
How can you use your style of communicating to work in further God’s kingdom?