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The purpose of this assignment is to compare the
relationship between the main characters in 
to the Church’s efforts at interreligious dialogue and the precepts of ecumenism we have gone 
over in class.
With that in mind, please answer the 
essay questions found on the corresponding Answer sheet.
You will find the complete text of the relevant 
Church documents here:




Do not summarize 
unless you need to do so to make a point.  (I have read 
Enemy Mine
.  Many times.)
Calibri 11pt; 

spacing; 2 ENTIRE pages (minimum and maximum).
Use in

text citations for all sacred texts (Book Chapter: Verse; e.g. Jb 38: 4), and Chicago Manual of Style 
for all other texts (footnotes and bibliography).
Files should be .doc or .docx; .pdf only if
uploading to Canvas.  No .pages files.
Use universal language (e.g. “humankind” not “mankind”).
(Use for citations and bibliography)
This  is  one  of  the  required  texts  for  this  course.    Please  see  syllabus  or  Course  Guide  for 
Enemy Mine Answer Sheet
   Relate the religious practice of ecumenism to the overall story.
   Compare Jeriba and Davidge’s relationship as the story opens to relationships between humans who 
hail  from  different  religious  faiths.    What  factors  might  decide  whether  such  relationships  are 
harmonious or antagonistic?
   Mention a favorite scene in the story that showcases reconciliation and/or an attempt by any of the 
characters to better understand each other.  Do you think something similar can (or should) occur to 
reconcile the faiths of the world?
   If this assignment were a research paper would you base your research on 
Nostra Ætate
or both?  Why?

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