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Instructions: Use the IRAC process to analyze issues of liability in the hypothetical case below as if you are the area representative for Delta Tau Chi fraternity and are reporting the incident to national headquarters. Be sure to (1) Identify the legal issues (Issue); (2) Describe the general legal rules that apply to these issues (Rule); (3) Synthesize compelling information such as facts, legal definitions and/or general principles of law to discuss (a) the liability of the zoo, and (b) the liability of the fraternity (Analysis); (4) Summarize your legal conclusions on the issue of liability (Conclusion). Your answers should use critical legal analysis, correct legal terminology, and be supported by facts and law. The paper should be no more than 3 pages long, and the SLO 1 grading rubric will be used to score the paper.
Hypothetical Case: Delta Tau Chi is a college fraternity and is recruiting new members at its University of Oklahoma chapter. Although hazing is banned at the university, the members nevertheless take the pledges to Joe Exotic’s zoo, which is less than an hour from campus. After closing time, they jump the fence surrounding the zoo and evade the security guards. The fraternity brothers then find the big cat cage and pass out Joe Exotic mullet wigs to the pledges, instructing them to stand in front of the cage for a gag group picture. The camera’s flash wakes up one of the tigers, Bobo, who is in a bad temper because he’s recovering from a case of COVID-19. As the pledges are leaving and laughing about how silly they look with their bleached blonde 80s hair, Bobo, now fully awake and in a foul mood, unleashes a heart-rending roar. The pledges start running for their lives in all directions. Matt, a pledge, runs headlong into a large hole that a tiger had dug up, but that Joe simply threw a large piece of cardboard over. Matt tumbled down into the pit and broke both legs. His fraternity brothers drag him to safety and he has to spend a week in the hospital, the entire semester on crutches and miss one season on the varsity tennis team. Issues to consider: Who would be liable for the harm here? Joe Exotic? The national or local fraternity—or just the local fraternity leaders? Or, perhaps, could all of the above be liable? Why/why not? Would there be any potential defenses to the lawsuit that Matt files?


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