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INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW Conduct an interview with a professional in your field of interest in order to gain deeper insight into career possibilities and to practice your interviewing skills. Analyze the interview through the lens of concepts discussed in your textbook, and write a 3-page paper (7 pages total with cover page, list of interview questions, copy of thank you note, reference page, etc.) outlining your analysis. WHAT IS AN INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW? An informational interview is an interview conducted with an individual in your field of interest and/or in a position you are specifically interested in pursuing. It is an effective employment research tool. SAMPLE QUESTIONS: What has your career path looked like? What is a typical day like?What jobs and specific experiences prepared you for your current position? What skills are most desirable and important in this field? THE ASSIGNMENT: Select an individual to interview. Include a brief description of the interview (e.g., when it took place, where it took place, why you selected this person, his/her field/position, etc.). Develop 12-15 questions you will ask this person (be sure to include a list of your questions with your paper). Balance open-ended with close-ended questions. Write a brief overview of your impression of this person’s position/field based on his/her answers to your questions. In addition, write at 3-page synopsis of your interview performance and what you learned from this experience. Analyze yourself as the interviewer with respect to: your question development, listening skills, ability to create an environment for disclosure to take place, and the insight you gained from this process (be sure to critique the positives/negatives of your performance). Reference course lecture material and your textbook in your analysis; cite accordingly. PAPER COMPONENTS- a cover page;-a brief description of your interview (where, when, with whom, his/her position);-a list of interview questions;-an overview/impression of the interviewee’s position/field; -3- page paper (an analysis of your interview performance (ref Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5);-a copy of your thank you note;-a reference page;-only hardcopy versions are accepted; do not email your completed papers. SECTION EXPECTATIONS- Cover Page (1 page);Paper: (3 pages): introduction (1 paragraph), overview/general impression of interviewee’s position/field (1 paragraph), analysis of interview performance (2-2 ½ pages);List of Interview Questions: (1 page);Copy of Thank You Note (1 page);References: (1 page). FORMAT- Your paper should be: typed, double-spaced, with two spaces after punctuation, one-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman front. Use correct APA (7th ed.) formatting throughout your paper and cite sources if-needed. Your writing style should reflect a formal, academic tone. INSTRUCTOR ASSISTANCE- In an effort to ensure your success with this assignment, the following support is provided/offered:1. Overview of relevant chapters, during scheduled lectures2. Availability of instructor during office hours, for one-on-one assistance3. Access to instructor via email AVOID- Be certain to avoid plagiarism; cite your sources (using APA 7th ed.). BE SURE TO- Dress professionally, show up on-time and prepared, and send a thank you note (which you will be asked to include with your paper submission). RESOURCES- Stewart, C.J. & Cash, Jr., W.B. (2018). Interviewing Principles and Practices (15th Edition): McGraw Hill Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.). GRADING- This assignment is worth 50 points. You will be evaluated on your adherence to the overall guidelines of this assignment, according to the parameters outlined above (including your writing style, grammar, attention to detail, etc.) and APA formatting (7th ed.). Your writing and final submission should be commensurate with an upper-division course. * book attached * instructions attached * APA (7th Edition) Notes attached * please let me know if you have any questions


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