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I’m working on a social science exercise and need guidance to help me study.What are the main ideas of Weber’s theory? Explain his explanation of development of early capitalism.
What is stratification and what are the characteristics of all stratification systems?
What is the definition of class and what are the distinguishing features of class?
What are the main features of Marx’s theory of class?
What are the main features of Weber’s theory of stratification?
What are the main features of Erik Olin Wright’s theory of class?
What are the main features of Bourdieu’s theory of class?
What are the characteristics of middle class in the contemporary class divisions in the developed world?
In what ways is the working class said to be changing especially since the second half of 20th century?
Explain the Affluent Worker study and its significance.
What are the definitions of underclass and social exclusion? What are some of the examples of urban social exclusion?
What are Taylorism and Fordism?
What are the reasons for the demise of Fordism?
What are the main characteristics of the post-Fordist era?
What is precarity? What are the effects of precarity on people’s lives?
What are the different meanings attached to work in contemporary society?
What are the main features of the apartheid regime in South Africa? What have been some of the efforts to resolve the conflict since 1994?
Explain ‘race’, scientific racism and phrenology. What was the function of scientific racism & phrenology?
What are prejudice and discrimination in relation to race and ethnicity?
How do the macro- and micro-level factors affect global migration?
Explain what McLuhan means by “The medium is the message”.
What are the major areas of shift bringing about the global media order since 1970s as identified by Held and his colleagues?
How does the media contribute to the perpetuation of norms and dominant values – explain through specific examples of representation of different social groups?
Explain moral panic with a relevant example.
Requirements: .doc file


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