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I’m working on a Political Science discussion question and need an explanation to help me understand better.1. In ANS chapter 6, what is the Department of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act? Did these initiatives create too much government oversight in people’s lives?2. In the lecture and book on resource allocation and policy planning, how are they important for national security?3. In the article (and lecture) “Can Pompeo and Bolton Coexist,” how do both personalities and the bureaucracy (for example, “the NSC has over stepped its mandate”) seem to play important roles in national security?4. What is “Departmentalism, Parochialism, Turf” and from the lecture the bureaucratic politics model (chapter 10)? How might it affect national security?5. In chapter 11, what is diplomacy and soft power? Can we use diplomacy with Iran and North Korea? Drawing on the lecture in the previous week on North Korea, will they ever give up this capability through diplomacy? 6. Drawing upon the lecture, what is threat, vulnerability, and consequence? 7. In chapter 12, what are “sanctions”? Are they a useful tool in national security, particularly with states such as Russia, North Korea, China, and Iran?8. Chapter 18 not only stresses the rise of China, but many national security concerns the country has (pollution, population, etc.). What is the most pressing concern from your point of view (if you were from that country)?9. Reading about China’s “military modernization” and its efforts to create artificial islands, is China a military threat to the United States? Explain.10. In “The Coronavirus Shows Why the U.S. Must Make Pandemic Disease a National Security Priority” what is the argument, and do you concur? 11.The book stresses the role of lobbying. In Ripley’s article, what is logrolling and how does it show economic influences related to planning and national security?12. In Ripley’s short videos on Colombia and student protests, how are the students treated (please watch all clips)? 13. What is mentioned about overlooking and downplaying Colombia’s human rights problems? 14. Do all states over look human rights abuses of their allies (“friends”) and magnify human rights abuses of their “enemies”?15. In the lecture, what is the point of the Colombian land protests, the ELN, and the Mapuche indigenous (Santiago) related to non-state actors?16. Turning to the documentary on Myanmar, what is happening? How does it show the security concerns of a non-state actor within the state (Rohingya), the state itself (Myanmar) and a neighboring state (Bangladesh)? 17. Are there any solutions to this crisis? Should there be an international military intervention?


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