I’m working on a history report and need an explanation to help me understand be

I’m working on a history report and need an explanation to help me understand better.LENGTH: 4 pages( 2pages for primary source and 2 pages for secondary source ). It is the student’s responsibility (and judgment) to provide an appropriate amount of content to support and develop the thesis statement.( you don’t have to read the whole case that is provided in the attachment ,you only read the case till you complete 2 pages for each source by critically thinking)DOCUMENT SELECTION MUST BE POSTED ON CANVAS FORUM. DUPLICATION IS NOT PERMITTED IN THIS ASSIGNMENT. The first student to claim a document will be the only assignment considered for that document.OUTCOMESPractice close and critical reading of primary sources.Recognize the relationship between a document and its historical context, and apply this to the analysis.Craft a clear and concise argument that expresses a unique stance on the value/meaning of the source material.VITAL INFORMATION: FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN ‘ZERO’Only assignments submitted on Canvas as a Word or PDF file will be accepted.Footnotes MUST be provided. Absence of footnotes is automatic zero and will be considered for an Academic Alert.Late assignments will be penalized 1/3 grade on day 1, 2/3 on day 2, 1 full grade on day 3 and zero after that. Only medical exceptions will be considered.Assignments that only use encyclopedia or popular internet material will be given ‘zero’. Submissions MUST follow the instructions for sources.WLC Reports are ALWAYS recommended. Ask about citations, thesis statement and topic sentences first. Upload the report when you submit assignments on Canvas (do not email).Selected source material MUST BE POSTED ON CANVAS. Students are not permitted to work on the same set of documents and must find their own unique project to complete.Students may include material from their first assignment, but copy-paste is not permitted and will not receive marks. You must write an original paper, but you may incorporate your previous ideas and evidence.FORMATTINGTimes New Roman 12pt font. Double Spaced. Page numbers in top right of page.CMS style footnotes and bibliography for ALL assignments. (does not count for paper length).SEPARATE Title Page, including the title of the essay, your name, student number, instructor name, course and date of submission.Refer to the Cookbook Essay Format outline, available on Canvas, if you need help organizing your ideas and paragraphs.DOCUMENT SELECTION:This assignment will blend ONE PRIMARY SOURCE AND ONE SECONDARY SOURCE.Instead of performing a simple document analysis, you will take a comparative approach and use the primary source to critically engage with an important argument presented by a historian (do not use sociology, psychology, or other social sciences articles)Advice on finding proper source material, particularly primary sources, can be found in the Writing and Research support module on Canvas, or on the YouTube channel, Iain Talks History.Primary sources can be found online through multiple databases, and should consist of at least 10 pages or 10 desktop-screenfuls to be adequate for this assignment.Ancient History Sourcebook: This provides useful excerpts, but some effort should be made to find the complete documents. Check to make sure that there is a reasonable amount of material. You will probably have to use multiple sources unless you choose a portion of a complete text.…MIT Classics: Make sure to choose a Greek or Roman writer from before 300 ACE. are encouraged to come to office hours to discuss possible sources, particularly if they come from other websites. Be careful who you trust.Secondary sources include academic book chapters or articles that can be found on the library website. These should be specific to time period, geographical region and themes of your paper (ex. Spartan women in Classical Greece).The three main collections to refer to are JSTOR – Essentials (not the Asian studies version); EBSCO (Academic Search Complete) and Academic Ebooks.Questions and additional help with source material should be raised in office hours. The Library also offers specific research assistance and support, available through the WLC system.ADDITIONAL ONLINE RESEARCHAdditional research should be used CAUTIOUSLY. Internet sources can be used to clarify your own knowledge of people, events and concepts. This MUST NOT BE A LARGE PART OF THE ASSIGNMENT.ALL SOURCES MUST BE PROPERLY CITED, including both quotations and paraphrasing. Never, under any circumstances, use material from a source without acknowledgement. (Don’t trade a minor mistake for an Academic Alert).VALUABLE WRITING ADVICE (FAQ)Use the WLC to develop your writing and argument. Grammar is not important, as long as your ideas are clearly expressed.Carefully select quotes and only use them when the author’s SPECIFIC words are necessary to prove your point. ALL QUOTES REQUIRE EXPLANATION.TIP: use separate sentences for evidence and explanation, to clearly distinguish what your sources say and what you are arguing.Contextualize the document: what type of source is it, who created it and what does it say? Explain how this context affects the content of the document.Consider the motivations and priorities of the creator. What in the document can prove your theory about the motives?IMPORTANT: Think about the chronological context (dates) and how this influences the document/creator. Why is it important for the creator to express these ideas at this particular time?DO NOT DESCRIBE EVERYTHING. History is about choices and priorities. Use only the evidence that is necessary to defend your thesis statement. No more. No less.PAY ATTENTION TO PROPAGANDA: Do not trust ancient writers to be honest or accurate in their statements. Use the secondary sources to fact-check the primary documents.FOCUS QUESTION: Answer this in your thesis statementWhy is your chosen document of special interest to historians, to what extent can we trust it, and why does it change how we view an important historical issue or debate?Make sure to focus on your own explanation and avoid summarizing the content of the sources.