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I’m working on a Education & Teaching question and need guidance to help me study.1) Read ONE of the following articles: see pdfs2) Write a discussion post based on the articlePart 1) write at least one full paragraph explaining, in your own words, the key ideas from the reading.Part 2) share an opinion or a personal life experience that relates to the reading, lecture, or video, OR pose a relevant question, OR respond to the following post (2-3 sentences).The article I chose to do my discussion post on is “Model (undocumented) minorities and “illegal” immigrants: centering Asian Americans and US carcerality in undocumented student discourse” written by Tracy Lachica Buenavista. Buenavista uses the Critical Race Theory to examine how undocumented Asian Americans “simultaneously resist and reinforce racial stereotypes to contend with their undocumented status, as a response to the punitive treatment of undocumented immigrants” (Buenavista 2018). Despite the lack of representation in the media, undocumented Asian Americans face the daily fear of deportation. Through Buenavista’s interviews with 15 undocumented Asian Americans you learn about the different hardships they face and lack of resources they are left with as a result of their citizenship status. In her article, Buenavista aims at facilitating “critical analysis of issues such as carcerality, enhance our efforts to empathize with undocumented people beyond those who have demonstrated educational exceptionalism, and raise consciousness among students about their capacity to build alliances and affect social change” (Buenavista 2018).Prior to reading this article I had no idea the extent to which Asian Americans deal with the many obstacles of being undocumented in the US. As the article states, media and literature often focuses on the stories of Latinos. As a result of the de-emphasis on Asian American stories I never was educated on the hardships this community faced as a result of documentation. I thought it was really interesting how Buenavista points out how many Asian American students “separate themselves from the larger undocumented population” (Buenavista 2018). This separation perpetuates the false idea of a “good immigrant/bad immigrant”.When making reference to an idea in the article, or directly quoting the article, make sure to use APA format.
Requirements: 300


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