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I’m trying to learn for my Research & Summaries class and I’m stuck. Can you help?RETAIL MANAGEMENT OF RETAIL ANALYTICS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FIVE TECHNOLOGIES IN RETAIL1. Discuss the five technologies used in retailing. Do you believe the consumers’ shopping experiences and services will be improved/or not improved? Will it make retail managements’ job easier? Explain your answer. 4 paragraphs long RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT #12. There are five questions for you to research. Each response must be 2-3-pages in length. Include a reference page and cite your sources.Explain business analytics and how is it used in the retail industry.
Describe how business analytics captures and analyzes customer data.
Why is it important for omni-channel retail executives to know the concepts of international management?
Name the top ten nations which have omni-channel retailers located in their country and doing business internationally.
Name 5-7 omni-channel retailers which conduct business globally. Explain the reason why the retailers have earned the reputation of global omni-channel retailers.OMNI-CHANNEL RETAIL MANAGERS UTILIZING BIG DATAThis discussion is about omni-channel retail managers utilizing Big Data. Do you believe Big Data will or will not benefit retail managers’ decisions with respect to product development? Explain why or why not. 4 paragraphs long There are six questions to reflect upon and answer. Each answer must be 2-pages long. Be sure to cite your sources. QUESTION 1 Reflecting on week one, what is your understanding of the four industrial revolutions, and how will it affect, good or bad, your retail career? QUESTION 2 REFLECTING ON WEEK TWO, WHAT IS YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE LUXURY BRAND MANAGEMENT (LBM) FRAMEWORK? ARE THERE ANY AMERICAN LBM RETAILERS WHO ARE PREPARED TECHNOLOGICALLY FOR INDUSTRY 4.0? QUESTION 3 REFLECTING ON WEEK THREE, IF YOU WERE A AN OMNI-CHANNEL RETAIL EXECUTIVE, WHAT ATTRIBUTES AND SKILLS SHOULD YOU POSSESS TO DO THE JOB SUCCESSFULLY?QUESTION 4Reflecting on week five, what is your understanding of globalization, digitalization, and integration of omni-channel retailing? Will it improve retailers’ profits?QUESTION 5Reflecting on week six, what is your understanding of Retail Analytics and Artificial Intelligence? Which technology would be most beneficial for the consumer?QUESTION 6Reflecting on week seven, what is your understanding of Big Data Analytics. Is it ethical for multi-channel retailers to possess and review employees’ data?Question 7 in your opinion, what was the most informative part of the course?Reflect on what you have learned about the course, and recommend solutions
Understand the evolution of retailing
Analyze and identify the four industrial revolutions.
Continue to analyze and remain up to date in all aspects of global, omni-channel retailing and management practices in the fourth industrial revolution.
Requirements: mentioned in the question
Requirements: Mentioned in the question


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