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I’m studying and need help with a Management question to help me learn.Read NPR’s article, “Why do doctors overtreat? For many, it’s what they are trained to do.” The article discusses how doctors are trained to overtreat patients (e.g., ordering more tests than necessary), which can be costly and risky. Medical educators are trying to break these “habits” being taught in medical school by designing new approaches to medical education (i.e., new training programs). Consider this news article from the perspective of the course material on Training and Development, specifically, the five steps of the instructional design process. You are also welcome to apply additional course materials if you see them as relevant. Respond to the following questions/prompts.Paragraph 1: There is a need to design new training programs to combat over treatment. The first step in Instructional Design is “Conducting a Needs Assessment.” Based on the information in the article, answer the three questions related conducting a needs assessment: Who needs this newly designed training? In what do they need training? What is the context in which the training would occur?
Paragraph 2: The article mentions a couple of different ways in which training to prevent overtreatment might occur. Choose one, and evaluate it according to how well it follows each of the remaining Stages 2 (Employee Readiness), 3 (Creating a Learning Environment), 4 (Transfer of Learning), and 5 (Evaluation) of the Instructional Design Process. You must discuss each of the stages.
Paragraph 3: Make one recommendation about how you might improve the possible training programs. Explain how your suggested improvement is related to what we learned about the Instructional Design Process.
In order to receive full credit:Your response should be a minimum of one single-spaced page, and a maximum of two single-spaced pages.
Your responses should be thorough. You can respond beneath each question, or you can write in full paper/paragraph format.
You should accurately apply the course materials, and demonstrate high-quality writing (grammatically correct, complete sentences).
Requirements: 1-2 pages single space


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