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This is a discussion assignment that will ask you to synthesize the assigned readings from this module to create an argument on effective teamwork and peer feedback. This will help you start thinking about and generating ideas for the upcoming group project. Your response should be around 250 in length. Make sure you are using the concepts and terms provided in the assignment materials. This is how I assess if you have read and reviewed your assignments. Post thorough answers to all questions that incorporate specific points from at least 3 course resources that was provided on the “Text/Reading(s)” and “Resources” pages of this module. Use in text citation. Prompts: What were three ideas from the materials you found memorable? Why? (These ideas cannot be from the same source.)
Using the reading on team-based work and given your own experiences with teamwork, what would you want to implement as effective approaches for teamwork in this class? What are things to avoid? What are reasonable ways to communicate and connect for teamwork? What are effective ways to provide feedback to your peers so that you are helping them create more effective communication? (Please make sure you include concepts from the materials assigned for this module.)
Examples of in-text citation: In the article, “What skills do employers want most?” the author, Margaret Andrews states that “communication” is one of the most difficult skills to find in MBA’s market. (I do not need to include an end citation to this sentence, because I have already include the author and her article in this sentence. If there is a page number, then you would include a page number at the end. Note that I am paraphrasing Andrew’s statement. In the next example, I will quote her.)
Most people think that a degree is business will ensure a solid job in the business sector, but many MBA’s do not have communication skills. Accordingly, an article noted that “The most desired and hardest to find skills in today’s MBA market? Communication, leadership, problem-solving and strategic thinking skills were the most desired and hardest to find skills” (Andrews). (Note that the ending period goes outside of the closing parentheses– this is highlighted in red.)
If there is a page number, the end-citation may look something like this: (Andrews, 5).
Once you have completed your response, take time to read and respond to at two other classmate’s posts above your own. Make sure you are not simply agreeing or disagreeing; extend on your classmates’ writing and thinking. For a guideline on how to engage discussion, please click on the following link: “Discussion Guideline (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..” Requirements:


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