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I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.This week, in our course materials, we are challenged to consider aspects of intelligence and creativity. Creativity, we learn, is an important skill applied in solving novel problems and creating unique goods, products, services, or ideas.Elizabeth Kirk (2016) explores the role of gesturing in encouraging creative thought in young children. The study conducted revealed gesturing increased the number of novel ideas generated by children. This gives us much to consider as we look at what drives our creativity!Considering the course materials for the week, think about the situations in which your creativity is at its highest. In what format is your creativity best expressed?
If you were asked to define and develop a measure appropriate for your ideal display of creativity, how would the definitions and instruments of measures be described?
ReferencesKirk, E. (2016, December 14). Gesturing can boost children’s creative thinking. Sources #1Good evening All,This week, we enter the world of Intelligence and Creativity Comprehension during our week 6 educational voyage. As we strive to understand the concepts or definition of intelligence and creativity, our readings provide great insight and gave substance to both words for me. What is intelligence and how does it affect us? Intelligence, as we all make an attempt to gather, “is the capability to gain information through experience, face challenges, and apply knowledge by acclimating to change.” (AMU, 2021) Though it may seem cut and dry. . . it is one of the most multifaceted topics in the arena of psychology. What is creativity and how does it apply to the human mind? According this week’s readings, “Creativity is associating components of a problem and discovering an unforeseen bond. People who convey creativity articulate divergent thinking, allowing people to establish a hypothesis, envision other perceptions, and observe associations that are not instantly evident (Creativity).” (AMU, 2021)As I pondered on the readings and all of the course materials, I thought about a situation in which I displayed personal creativity. As I mentioned at the beginning of the course, I am currently a drill instructor at MCRD San Diego. Though I am no longer operating at the platoon level, I run into many complicated issues on the daily. These experiences truly bring a test daily and I feel as if they bring out the best in all of us on this special duty assignment. The format that my creativity is best expressed is through navigating the company through all tribulations or obstacles. Every day I find myself developing, innovating, creating, or searching for new ways to meet our commander’s intent. This intent stems into how we plan to take the institutional priorities, and digest them preparing for a peer-to-peer adversary. With this in mind, the definitions or instruments of measure would be the product of Marine we make on the daily. We make Marines. . .handworkers, critical thinkers and innovators who are not scared to bring the fight to our enemy.-BrandonWorks CitedAMU. (2021). Intelligence and Creativity Comprehension. Retrieved from PSYC303 | LESSON 6:…What Are Intelligence and Creativity? (2021). Retrieved from OER Commons:…#2Hello classCreativity is in everyone! Some may say to themselves, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” When hearing this, I reply, “That’s a lie, you just haven’t been placed into a situation to showcase your abilities.” I believe creativity comes from within and is expressed at its highest form when an individual is doing something they love. For me, I am most creative when I am cooking or dancing. When cooking, I have no idea what comes over me but, I know when I am in my element, something delicious will come from it. I enjoy following recipes for the first time correctly, then the second time adding my own flavor to them. The key to cooking is to cook from the heart without measuring your seasonings. You must shake until the souls of your ancestral grandmother whisper into your ear, “That’s enough baby!” When I am dancing, the rhythm and beat of the song take over my body and I move to the music as if I am the only one in the room. I feel the music…there isn’t any thought into it. I don’t count the steps in my head or tell myself of the next move I may perform. My body flows as if I were a single leaf floating in an autumn breeze. Our readings coined creativity as the ability to generate, create, or discover new ideas, solutions, and possibilities (2020). This to me is a perfect definition but, if I had to describe it myself, I would say creativity is the ability to use your imagination to make something new. Using this definition to express my creativity I would prepare eggs. To showcase my creativity, I would give myself 30 eggs, the seasonings in my cabinet, and the ingredients currently in my fridge. I would have to prepare eggs in as many ways as I am able within 1 hour. This challenge would allow me to showcase my cooking abilities during a time constraint. To be honest, I think I would perform better without the timeline but, I would still be able to come up with something during that hour. If any of you enjoys cooking, would you be up for the challenge?DeLoreanSpielman, R. M., Jenkins, W. J., & Lovett, M. D. (2020). 7.4 What Are Intelligence and Creativity? In Psychology 2e. OpenStax.…#3In the reading this week, it states, “creative intelligence is marked by inventing or imagining a solution to a problem or situation,” (2007, P. 10). When looking at creativity and the variance approach, creativity is captured as a product that an individual will produce and or something that is seen as useful and adaptive to society. In order for creation to be deemed creative an individual must be open to new talents and interest and also poses discipline and expanded qualities. When looking into the reading, Batey believed that there were four pillars that helped define creativity which were the person, the cognitive process, the environment, and the product. Just because someone is creative doesn’t mean they have to be intelligent and this is a common misconception. In terms of self-creativity, the best expression would be through activity and or high stimulate situations. I cannot draw or make things with my hands but when it comes to sport involvement or outdoor activities I excel in creativity. High stressful and or stimulated situations allow not only my mind but my talents and interests to be exposed showing the creativeness. I enjoy playing softball and feel that I can fully be creative, nonconformity, curious, and persistent. I don’t focus on what others around me believe and I don’t need to be culturally accepted, it is something I enjoy and a way for me to express who I am both creatively and intellectually.When looking at Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and its resemblance to creativity, I believe that as stated, “each person possesses at least eight intelligences. Among these eight intelligences, a person typically excels in some and falters in others (Gardner, 1983). Table describes each type of intelligence,” (2007, P. 11). The intelligence would come from my creativity and the idea of bodily kinesthetic intelligence which would entail the ability to control the body to perform physical task related to sports or in this case, softball. The representative career choice would fall under athlete and describes the developed measure. Creative intelligence is important when looking at Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory because it includes finding a solution to a problem just like in softball. My creativity through softball and my expression is shown through the way I handle high stressful situations thrown at me, for instance a ball hit at me and knowing where and when to through said ball to make a play. This would be the outcome of a problem or situation, hence producing a beautiful play and or solution for my team. ReferencePsychology, thinking and intelligence, what are intelligence and creativity? (2007). Retrieved February 09, 2021, from
Requirements: 250+word Discussion, 150 + peer responses


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