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I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.1. In “Reading Games,” Karen Rosenberg advises students to “study the architecture” of an article before going “too deep.” What is she suggesting students do? What is the purpose of doing this?2.What are two questions you could ask to determine if a source is scholarly?3.Melanie Gagich writes, “When you communicate using an essay, you are actually using three modes of communication: linguistic, spatial, and visual.” What does she mean by this?4.Why is the study of multiple literacies important in the composition classroom?5.Read the following title and abstract of a scholarly article. In your own words, write a new title and brief summary (2-3 sentences) of the abstract for a public audience.Title: “Analytic Thinking, Rejection of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Conspiracy Theories, and Compliance with Mandated Social-Distancing: Direct and Indirect Relationships in a Nationally Representative Sample of Adults in the United Kingdom”Abstract: “Faced with the threat to physical and mental health posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, many nations worldwide have mandated social-distancing measures. However, individual compliance with such measures is likely to be shaped by a range of economic, socio-political, and psychological factors. Here, we proposed and tested a mediation model in which rejection of COVID-19 conspiracy theories mediates the relationship between analytic thinking and compliance with mandated social-distancing measures. A nationally representative sample of the adult population in the United Kingdom (N = 520, age M = 45.85 years) completed a previously-validated measure of analytic thinking, as well as novel measures of rejection of COVID-19 conspiracy theories and compliance with mandated social-distancing requirements that were in place in the United Kingdom in early April 2020. Exploratory factor analyses indicated that both novel measures were unidimensional with adequate internal consistency. Inter-correlations between scores on all three measures were significant and positive. Mediation analysis indicated that analytic thinking and rejection of COVID-19 conspiracy theories, respectively, were significantly and directly associated with compliance, and that the mediated association was also significant. These results may have important implications for practical policy aimed at promoting greater compliance with mandated social-distancing.”
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