African-American Studies

identify the major theoretical frameworks and concepts of Black Social Scientists

This week you will identify the major theoretical frameworks and concepts of Black Social Scientists reviewed in the previous week and this week’s content. Choose any social scientist you would like and provide the following understanding of their work in essay format.
That is their major theoretical contribution
What was the motivation for the social scientist investigating this issue
Explain how it works (include the following)
What relationships it seeks to help understand
How it was developed (what research techniques were used to develop the theory)
What the major findings are about the relationships being studied
Its importance to the community
How the theory was used to make progress within the Black community
What aspects of white supremacy this theory helped to debunk
How they can be applied today to address or understand issues within the Black community
Your reason for choosing it
How it connects with something you may have already observed or experienced
How you can build on this framework for your own research. Potential ideas include but are not limited to
Updating their study to compare the past to the present
using a slightly different population (if they used people from one geographical region, you may want to use people from a different one
Switching up the entities involved (if the theory is about mothers and daughters, see if it can be applied to fathers and sons in some ways)
Please be sure to check for grammar and punctuation before submitting your responses.
Write as if the person reading it is from another country so be detailed and specific in your descriptions and your understanding of the relationship and its impact
Review your response for clarity and proper grammar and syntax before submitting
Use a topic that you are truly interested in and allow your interests and passion to show through in how you write about it
Be sure to back up any claims with empirical data and keep them separate from your personal opinion.