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Developing the Skills of Targeting and Nurturing Gifted Students in Primary Schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Problem Statement
Gifted students require nurturing and developing their skills since the early childhood. Schools are able to cultivate the society’s most intellectually advanced individuals who would be a potential source of exceptional creative capacity and human capital. A failure to notice gifted students or address their capabilities in an early age is a waste of human potential, a workforce, and economic prosperity. However, two components for this goal is critical, such as a well-structured evidence-based program for gifted students in schools and educators who possess the skills of targeting and nurturing gifted students.
The ability to notice giftedness is essential for teachers, as such students do not only manifest better academic proficiency, they have unique capacity of talents that could be shown in different manner. For instance, Heuser et al. (2017) defined four international dimensions of giftedness, including cognitive achievement, aptitude, natural capabilities, and individualistic features. Children could express their giftedness early in their development, which requires the primary school teachers to notice students with the advanced capabilities. According to Zeidner & Matthews (2017), gifted children express advanced emotional intelligence early in their development, which could be a primary indicator for teachers in primary schools.
In most cases, gifted students in schools are differentiated by using aptitude tests. Fernández et al. (2017) emphasized the role of IQ and aptitude tests in primary schools to distinguish the gifted students, which proved to be effective. At the same time, the same study recommended using IQ tests as a complementary measure to develop a multi-criteria tools of detection that could be more accurate in discovering gifted children (Fernández et al., 2017). Overall, to determine the giftedness of the students in the classroom, teachers could use the combination of existing IQ and aptitude tests for the students as well as to be able to discover them on their own by using the critical thinking skills. Shi et al. (2013) revealed that gifted children who were educated through enrichment education programs performed better compared to their gifted peers who received standard education. Eren et al. (2018) reveled that gifted students, who were not discovered at early age, were prone to development of mental problems. These studies confirm the importance of determining gifted students at early age, yet, educators have to be prepared to these tasks.
Research Questions
1. What skills would be helpful for educators in discovering gifted students in primary schools?
2. How to develop the skills responsible for distinguishing gifted students in primary schools?
3. What educational programs exist in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for targeting and educating gifted students?
The current research would use qualitative research design and interpretational methodology to answer the research questions. It is proposed to involve 10 to 15 participants in structured interviews recruited among the experienced educators working in primary schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Secondary data collection would involve the analysis of the existing educational programs for gifted children in KSA. Interviews will serve as the primary source of data, which would discover the availability of skills to target and educate gifted students in primary schools in KSA, availability of effective programs, and potential concerns in this system. Data would be analyzed with the help of manual coding. The study would be conducted online due to the current lockdown measures. All ethical permits would be collected prior to research.


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