I neeed REVISION of the completed work. Here are some comments: 1. Avoid multipl

I neeed REVISION of the completed work. Here are some comments:
1. Avoid multiple referencing, the supervisor is highly recommending ONE Reference only.
2. The supervisor strongly advise to remove reference before year 2010 and not to include book reference.
3. To take out all the Beadle Brown et al and all Bigby et al references. The articles does not relate to the topic which are – intellectual disability, oral care and healthcare workers.
4. The supervisor wants to add a definition of intellectual disabiliy, oral care and healthcare worker – nurses, healthcare assistants and social care worker.
5. Paper has no focus at all on oral care, intellectual disabilities and healthcare worker
6 Remove paragraph on laxatives – this is irrelevant
7. What is Wilson et al saying about the TREND – What are this TREND, explain clearly.
8 . The writer mentioned about Language and Speech, how does this relate to Oral care?
9. The writer mentioned about theoretical framework but it is very vague. How is this related to the research topic
10. The supervisor said that every headings in the background to the study has very poor facts. What is written under each headings are irrelevant.
11. To only use articles (i sent) that only relates to oral care among people with intellectual disabilities and what the healthcare workes knowledge, practices. There are loads of articles used that is irrelevant.
Oh yah, please tell the writer that the above recommendations where on top of what was already in the papers comment box.”
And these are the initial instructions:
The Title of Research Dissertation is: Healthcare Workers Knowledge and Practices of Oral Health Care in Intellectual Disability Residential Care Setting.
Background of study – 3000 words is required in order for me to secure an Ethical Approval – Please refer to the Instruction of Background of Study attached- Use Waldron et. al and reference and please utilise the rest of references provided. There has been a lot of research done on oral health care among people with intellectual disabilities but I haven’t seen specific for Healthcare workers for people with Intellectual Disabilities in Residential Care Setting, include how my research relate to other research that’s been done so far
I have searched this peer reviewed articles and journal in the CINAHL, PubMed Database, Cochrane. I have been reading the article and will continue to read and make notes to inform myself and to make sure that when I read the draft it relates to my research main aim and objectives. Additionally, it will allow me to make and give additional instruction if draft requires revision.
There has been a huge gap in the clinical practice in relation to Oral Health Care particularly among people with intellectual disabilities. In the area I work alone, in the last 20 years there has been poor emphasis on oral hygiene. Nursing Care should be approach in person-cantered and holistic manner.
Oral health is vital to well-being and quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities. However, health inequalities and disparities remain evident up to this day. Which is why there is a need for oral health promotion among people with intellectual disability.
Support and educational intervention is needed for staff in order to tackle the barriers and challenges in the provision of oral care.
A. People with Intellectual Disabilities have communication difficulties, mental health problems and behaviours of concerns, physical disabilities – where skills teaching becomes a major concern, cognitive and comprehension problems,
B. Staff lack awareness of the importance of oral care to the general well-being and the quality of life of people with Intellectual Disabilities, behaviour and attitudes towards oral care, some staff states “they refused oral care” that’s it no more follow-up nor any referrals made, lack of training, lack of knowledge on equal rights to health, etc.
There is a National Oral health Policy now in Ireland – reference this please when making the background of the Study – see attached instruction.
Oral Health problem is higher among people with Intellectual Disabilities than the general population. Healthcare professionals should received appropriate training in order to support people with ID.
Referencing should be in Harvard Style please. Refer to the link in the Instruction.
I have also attached the Critical essay done previously to make reference to why oral health promotion should be advocated. Please do not plagiarise.
I will be in touch if I remember something else.
Please help me.
Thank you.