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I need support with this English question so I can learn better.e3 partial intro – 21SP.ENGL.1302.W03C Composition II ( Composition
Partial draft explanationundefinedundefinedPage 4 of 14undefinedPartial draft explanation The first thing I want to see in your partial draft is an introductory paragraph. If you have stayed with the same topic and search question throughout the course, this intro will probably look somewhat similar to the intro for your research proposal essay. However, the preview of subdivisions will be completely different now, and will list the three or four subdivisions of your findings which you will write about in the body paragraphs of your essay, so you will not be able to just copy and paste. WARNING: This intro cannot mimic the one from your RR essay, because this paper is no longer about just one source! I want your introductory paragraph to include these things, which I am presenting in list form:Open with a brief attention-getter, to prepare your reader to be interested in the paper.
Tell what your topic is.
Add several sentences to briefly describe your topic.
State your final Search Question. I want this to be an actual question, ending in a question mark! Also, note that your SQ may have evolved during the semester, so do not just unthinkingly use an early version that may no longer match your actual research.
Thesis/Preview: Think of this as your answer to your Search Question. Example: If your search question is What is the effect of COVID. 19 on public education? Then your thesis will answer that question, perhaps something like this: Although COVID 19 has affected public education by widening the achievement gaps between wealthy and poor children and causing significant learning loss for all children, it has forced public education to embrace innovation in order to reach students. Preview of main body sections: Note that if you did a good job of choosing a search question, then your thesis, which answers that question, has already listed what will become the several sections of the main body of your paper. Note that you may possibly have four subdivisions, not three (but I don’t want less than three nor more than four). Organization of your main body by subdivision of findings, not by source: Note carefully that in writing your research paper, you must NOT organize the main body by writing a body paragraph about each source! That is NOT what I want. Instead, in your thesis/preview, you will list the three or four main subdivisions of your research findings (as in my COVID 19 example above). This means that you will write a main body paragraph about each of those subdivisions, in turn. And THAT means each body paragraph should contain QUOTES NOT FROM JUST ONE SOURCE, BUT FROM TWO OR THREE DIFFERENT SOURCES. This is very important to understand. In other words, you will NOT write your first body paragraph focusing on just one research source. You will focus on one subdivision of your findings, and you will quote from several different sources to discuss that subdivision, whatever it may be.So, after your Intro paragraph, I want to see your first main body paragraph. Bottom line: It must include several source citations, not just one, and these must come from several different sources, not all quotes from the same source. However, you do NOT have to quote from every source in each body paragraph. There just needs to be a good balance overall, in all your body paragraphs taken together.This body paragraph should look like this, in list form:A topic sentence that names this subdivision (same as in preview)
First generalization supporting the topic sentence
A direct quote or paraphrase from one of your research sources. This citation should begin with a lead-in, then the citation itself, then a parenthetical citation showing the source of the citation, followed by your explanation of or comment on the citation (the warrant). WARNING: YOU MUST INCLUDE A PARENTHETICAL CITATION FOR EACH QUOTE, SO YOUR READER CAN TELL WHICH QUOTE COMES FROM WHICH SOURCE. FAILING TO DO THIS WILL EARN AN F.
A second direct citation from a different source, also including lead-in, then parenthetical citation, followed by your warrant.
Second generalization supporting the topic sentence
A concluding sentence that connects the various quotes to the subdivision mentioned in the TS.
Length: If your final draft has three body paragraphs plus an intro and conclusion, and is about 1200 to 1300 words, then each of these body paragraphs must be about 250 words, perhaps more; shoot for that in the first one. Lastly: Once you have drafted the intro paragraph and your first body paragraph, you are STILL NOT FINISHED with the partial draft. You must now include a corrected works cited page I need to see this to tell whether you are citing sources correctly. Please separate this by inserting a pageSkip To ContentQuick LinksLogoutSimon Kengkoh2My BlackboardOC StudentCourses & OrganizationsContent Collection21SP.ENGL.1302.W03C Composition II Coursework
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e3 partial introundefinedundefinedPage 6 of 14undefinedWatch Videoe3 partial introDuration: 4:14User: n/a – Added: 11/23/20undefinedThis video explains how to write the intro for the e3 partial draft.undefinedTime to Kill the Death PenaltyIn the last weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency, the Justice Department has moved forward to execute three more inmates on death row, having restarted capital punishment in the summer of 2020 after an almost twenty year moratorium. From one perspective, capital punishment seems like a good idea, imposing the ultimate punishment on the very worst people in our society, making sure that they never hurt anyone again. Logically, the threat of the death penalty ought to guarantee a safer society, but it actually doesn’t. My research topic is capital punishment. Does the threat of the death penalty for the most terrible crimes really make society safer? In actuality it does not. It does, however, make us a less just society. The death penalty does not deter crime, but more importantly it falls disproportionately on people of color and the poor and it is too often erroneously handed down and is irreversible in its impact.undefinedTable of Contents Page 6 of 14 e3 partial intro Requirements:


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