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I need a paragraph based on this video… . These are the requirements that I need for this paragraph. One quote from video that I share the link of it.Just Mercy Chpt. 7Requirements:400 words minimum
One paragraph
One quote from Just Mercy Chapter of focus
Suggested Structure:Reference to the reading for background/starting point
Topic sentence-main idea statement (opinion statement)
Source-one quote
sandwiched (connect the source to your discussion) See Sandwiching Sources lesson)
In-text citation required = author, (title not necessary), page required
Works Cited doc is NOT required at the end of the paragraph
Additional explanation, example, etc as needed
Conclusion-restatement & comment/final thought
Exact order is variable.Verb Tense Note:When we discuss literary works in our essays (commenting on the work/writer’s ideas), we use the simple present tense to speak of the work. Literary works are considered timeless. This is true for nonfiction as well.Example – Bryan Stevenson discusses X in Just Mercy. Exceptions to present tenseWhen we discuss historical events, we switch to the past tense.Example-Herbert Richardson was executed.
Quotes should be copied exactly.
Topic:In the TED talk “A Prosecutor’s Vision for a Better Justice System,” Adam Foss discusses his experience and specifically states that we should elect prosecutors, whose job is to conduct legal proceedings against an accused person, that try to keep people out of jail. Do you believe that a prosecutor should be trying to keep people out of jail? Explain why or why not.Submission:Submit to this assignment. It will include submission to to check for plagiarism.Due: Thursday Oct. 15 by 5pm.Rubric:Short Write RubricBackground Information/Context/Source Reference = 5 points Possible
Main Idea Statement (TS/Concl) = 5 points Possible
Supporting explanations/discussions = 20 points Possible
Source Incorporation (sandwich, citation, format) = 10 points Possible
Language = 10 points Possible
TOTAL = 50 points Possible


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