How would you evaluate the researchers for the Dellasega et al. (2014)

A. This week’s discussion:
1. Cronin et al. (2015) identifies 3 criteria that examine the responsibilities of the researcher. This criterion includes the following:
accurate reporting
credibility of the researcher (p. 168).
How would you evaluate the researchers for the Dellasega et al. (2014) and Arnetz et al. (2015) articles on horizontal violence for these three criteria?
2. To be able to implement a research study’s findings into your practice and/or replicate a study, it is important to explore if the limitations of the study can overcome the positive aspects of the study. Both of the articles on horizontal violence include information on the limitation of the study. How might you as a researcher decrease the limitations listed in each article if you planned to replicate this study? Feel free to list the limitation followed by a strategy (or strategies) to improve these limitations.
B. Critical Analysis
Complete the research critical appraisal worksheet template for Week #5 for both the qualitative and quantitative studies: the analysis, interpretation, dissemination of findings, strengths & weakness of the study.
Provide one to two paragraphs comparing and contrasting these components of the quantitative and qualitative study. Your post should include a discussion on all of these components.
What questions/concerns/issues do you have regarding the articles and/or this portion of the critical analysis assignment?
Attach your worksheet to your initial post.
only need worksheet for week 5 boxes only part and A and B in 1-2 paragraphs each