how to perform a self glicose test

This project inlcudes a paper, a powerpoint 5 slides and a handout for teaching patients how to perform a self glicose test. This teaching project will take place in a clinic. The instructions must be percisely followed.
Below is the outline for the paper and the powerpoint
Project Outline
A. Overview
of Diabetes
B. Goal
of teaching project. For the participants to be able to perform self accuchecks
in the home setting.
1. Description
of target audience
2. Description
of setting
3. Description
of information delivery
C. Specific
measurable learning objectives
1. Teaching
2. Materials
necessary for teaching
D. Current
relevant research pertinent to glucose monitoring and management of Diabetes
E. Evaluation
of learning. Return demonstration from participants of the proper technique for
performing self accuchecks.
F. Conclusion