Communications and Media

How to do media and cultural studies

Refer to The Template, and use it to craft your proposal for Senior Seminar research. The work you do here is absolutely crucial to your success in COMM 496 or 493. You are doing the “heavy lifting” of thinking through your project NOW–get it right, and Senior Seminar becomes all about “the doing.” If you and I can wrap up this semester with us both happy with your proposal, I can almost guarantee your success!
Aim for a rich, solid paragraph on each of the five points of your proposal, for a 2-3 page proposal. By the end of this final week (6/28), I am asking you to revise your proposal draft for final submission. Look for feedback from me via email by Wednesday night (6/23) to facilitate your revisions.. Please read the comments on the draft proposal first, and I would need yiu to have a book called : How to do media and cultural studies”, second edition by Jane Stokes
Upload your assignment as usual in MS Word or as a PDF by Monday (6/28). No need to include your “research thumbnail” in the final draft, but please do include not only citations but also a final revision of your bibliography–that way you’ll have a single document to present to your Senior Seminar professor.