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Here is the link in YouTube: The film shows the following policies in different countries:
ITALY: WORK LIFE BALANCE With one of the highest rates of paid vacation, maternity leave, and honeymoon allowance, not to mention two-hour workday lunches, Italians take the stress out of a working life.
FRANCE: LUNCH AND THE TRUTH ABOUT SEX School children shun Moore’s offer of soda and feast upon a whole-food four-course lunch, and adolescents learn about the realities of sex and respectful relationships. The French say Oui! to life.
FINLAND: LET THEM PLAY! “They should have more time to be kids, to enjoy life,” stated a teacher in Finland. Children spend less time in school, no time doing homework, and lots of time playing, all while ranking at the top of global education stats.
SLOVENIA: FREE SCHOOL FOR ALL In this eastern European country, school is considered a public good and a basic human right, and a complete college education is afforded to anyone showing up for class, whatever passport a student may hold.
GERMANY: RESPECT AND REMEMBER Moore is shocked at the civility of working regulations in Germany, where employees are given an equal say in company matters and government funded spa stays prioritize health. As for Hitler and the Holocaust, a policy of acknowledgment and understanding of the past fuels the potential to affect a positive future.
PORTUGAL: HUMANITY DIGNITY AND DECRIMINALIZED DRUGS Portugal’s answer to the War on Drugs? Decriminalize their usage and offer free treatment and comprehensive healthcare. In the words of a Lisbon police officer, “Human dignity is the backbone of our society.”
NORWAY: BREED FORGIVENESS, NOT HATRED As a place for rehabilitation, not revenge, prisons in Norway offer a chance for prisoners to rehabilitate and regain humanity. Not even Breivik’s killing spree could spark hatred, instead inspiring national unity.
TUNISIA: FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS Government funded abortions and free women’s health clinics ensure women are in control of their reproduction and in turn their basic rights. Let the individual focus on the private and government the public.
ICELAND: WOMEN ARE THE ANSWER “When women don’t work, nothing works.” Strong words from Iceland’s first female president, who testifies to the power of the women that changed the tide of a nation, making it both potent and sustainable.
Research/argumentative essay you will choose one of the policies above and write about whether you agree or disagree with them.
Find other videos to support your argument and and posted under citation
Brainstorming assignment 1: Choose a policy from the movie and write down three reasons why you agree or disagree with it.


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