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Help me study for my Law class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.DQ1- Some of the strategies used by business managers can be vital in solving various crime in the society. One can use the strategies to manage the criminals so that to discourage them on certain crime activities which is vital in ensuring that such crimes are not repeated in future. The following are some of the theories that can be used to solve crimes in a society.The systems theory explains that a system is made up of different elements which on each other in an interaction process. This is important when it comes to solving crimes as one can connect various connecting aspects that might have contributed to the crime occurrence. Just as in any system, to a large extent activities must be connecting which acts as a link between the criminal and the committed crime. By following up the link, it is easy to solve an existing crime.The principles of administrative management can also be used to solving the crime. The principles of management focus on organizing, commanding, planning, forecast and controlling a certain project. Those leading the team allocated to solving crimes can use this strategy to plan on how to approach each events so that to solve the crime. It also would reduce the period of time for solving the crime as the created organization can help the team to cover a large area as the members are more organized. It is important to note that the quicker the team solves a problem the more evidence they should analyse.Reference:Sling Team: The 11 Most Important Management Theories For Small Business. Sling.Retrieved from: A theory that is used in business and psychology that can be used in crime analysis would be the observation theory. The observation theory is similar to the Hawthorne Effect because it’s thought by most business owners; if employee’s know they are being watched and changes to the environment are implemented they would be more enthused to perform their job responsibilities at a higher level. According to McCambridge et al (2014), “reported quantitative data on the Hawthorne effect on a behavioral outcome either in observational designs comparing measures taken before and after a dedicated research manipulation or between groups in randomized or non randomized experimental studies”. By using an observation theory in criminal analysis to help solve crimes could be productive. Due to the fact, the number one goal of a crime analyst is to assist in law enforcement with information that will help them apprehend the criminal. By using the observation theory with qualitative and quantitative data a crime analysis can help law enforcement identify crime patterns, target profile analyses, investigative leads, and find ways to change the problem. The more something is observed it makes it easier to establish the cause/ effect method. The process can be time-consuming and costly but can be the matter of law enforcement being proactive or reactive.ReferenceMcCambridge, J., Kypri, K., & Elbourne, D. (2014). Systematic review of the Hawthorne effect: New concepts are needed to study research participation effects. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 67(3), 267-277. doi: Toledo, Ohio: A toledo man the age of 19 indicted for murdering a man at a Northwood hotel in Northwest Toledo. Jerron Bryant was indicted in front of a grand jury on 2 counts of murder, both were unspecified felonies. Court papers stated specifically he purposely murdered (pre-meditated) Eddie Lee Philips 2 while committing a felonius assault. Jerron was arrested back on the 11th of February by Northwood police department (Northwood, Ohio) with the assistance from The Toledo police department. Northwood police on social media stated that public participation led to identifying and apprehending the perpetrators, a 15 year old Toledo girl was involved with murder as well and charged. The Wood County Prosecutor’s office assisted in this arrest also. Each murder charge holds a 3 year firearm indictment. Jerron Bryant remains in jail on a $500,000 bond. Reference: (Toledo, Ohio). Please read these discussion and respond to each on. 150+ words each. Write the reference for each one after the response Requirements: APA | Discussion | 1 pages, Single spaced


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