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Hello, I need someone to please proof read a four paragraph essay I wrote, which I will share separately once a tutor is selected. It should be super easy but I just need someone to add things for me and make it more polished! Here are the directions if you want to take a quick look of what it should look like before you bid. Directions:Prepare for your essay by reading the article in the following link.…Writing prompt:In a multi-paragraph essay, complete the following tasks. Begin by providing a short summary of the events surrounding Chris’s “Magic Bus” as described in the article and include the author and title of the article (intro paragraph). Then, respond to the following quote from the article in 2-3 body paragraphs: “Through the popularity of the book, many saw Mr. McCandless as a contemporary Thoreau, renouncing material goods on a spiritual journey into nature. But many others, especially in Alaska, argued that he must have been mentally ill, suicidal or hubristic, and that it was irresponsible for Mr. Krakauer to glorify his story.”Was Chris a hero on a journey of self-discovery and independence from society’s pressures? Or was he a selfish and irresponsible kid who disregarded the privileges and gifts of his upbringing? Support your answer with evidence from your reading of Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer.ESSAY FORMAT: Introduction: Summarize bus events from the article, introduce title and author of the article. Thesis: Address the red quote and write a thesis where you pick ONE side (underlined questions in prompt)2 statements of organization (or 3 depending on body paragraphs) Body paragraph 1: Topic sentence // claim/evidence/analysis // claim/evidence/analysis // closing sentence. (use 2 quotes) Body paragraph 2: Topic sentence // claim/evidence/analysis // claim/evidence/analysis // closing sentence. (use 2 quotes) Conclusion: Summarize your main points, and finish with a statement that goes beyond the book, connect to today or humanity / americans in general.
Requirements: .doc file


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