Habitat, movements and environmental preferences of dusky sharks,

Below is the information is from my teacher. I will need the most of the citations on June 9,2021 at 8am. And the paper due on the date provided. If you are not able to do the different date for the citations please let me know. But if you can a nice tip will come with it.
You will conduct a literature review of a famous ichthyologist Eugenie Clark. Citations should include searches through a wide variety of journals reflecting a diversity of disciplines. Submit a typed, computer generated hard copy containing all citations, only citations are necessary, no abstracts, etc. Please use the following format:
Hoffmayer, E, Franks, J, Driggers, W, McKinney, J, Hendon, J,
Quattro, J. 2014. Habitat, movements and environmental
preferences of dusky sharks, Carcharhinus obscurus, in the
northern Gulf of Mexico. Marine Biology 161: 911–924.
Web pages and similar sources of information
are not acceptable, please use the primary literature as a basis for your review (journal articles can be accessed via the web however). It would be beneficial if you sort your citations by category. For example, if you are doing the largemouth bass, you could use categories like reproduction, age and growth, mortality, etc. Use your imagination for your categories, and use the abstract of each paper to assign a category for each paper.
write a comprehensive review paper. This publication might
be useful to you for tips and suggestions for writing a comprehensive review:
Pautasso, M. 2013. Ten Simple Rules for Writing a Literature
Review. PLoS Comput Biol. 9(7):1-4.
Here is an example of what a comprehensive review should look like:
Snyder, D. 2012. Invited overview: conclusions from a review
of electrofishing and its harmful effects on fish. Reviews in
Fish Biology and Fisheries 13: 445–453.
The number of citations and page length depend on the topic you have chosen, so it is difficult for me to say exactly what the number of BIOL-MSCI 536, Ichthyology, Summer 2021 citations and pages is for a reasonable review. That said, I would estimate that eight peer-reviewed articles and a review length of seven double-spaced pages (excluding bibliography) should be the minimum. It is imperative that you start the process of choosing a topic and The literature search as soon as possible. Having the library request PDFs from obscure journals might take some time. Please plan accordingly.