German Expressionism

German Expressionism pertains to the early 20th century, you cannot describe this as “ancient times” [your wording means many centuries ago!].
You need to explain WHY you focus on the art and not on architecture, as your tare taking a course on architecture. You can do this, but you need to explain this.
your comments about your German friends, I would take out, imagine we would show these is class, all students should feel addressed.
About your individual groups:
all your comments need to be developed much more.
For example, the woodcuts show a certain force and darkness even fear or anxiety in the strong black and white contrast;
the paintings show color, what does this mean? = stylization, chaos, dynamism,….
you show more woodcuts later, why not with the first group = more logical placement; but here also, you need to connect the individual elements, what you can see in your comment.
why are these woodcuts so relevant?
also, all images need complete labels = name of artist, title, year!
You might need to do more research about the background of this movement in painting and prints in order to provide the more elaborate explanations.