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GB512 ASSIGNMENT: Pyramid Principle Exercise: The exercise contains a series of sentences that are scrambled and largely incoherent in their current order. You will re-order the sentences for clarity and cohesiveness. After you have revised the sentences into a coherent paragraph, please write a paragraph of 100-150 words explaining your reasoning for organizing the paragraph as you did. The paragraph contains 11 sentences. Do not delete or add words or punctuation. Simply reorder these 11 sentences into a coherent whole. Put both parts of your paragraph exercise in a single ms Word document. Submitone ms Word file that contains both the revised paragraph and your paragraph explanation of the changes you made. Do not upload two separate documents. The following paragraph is scrambled. Your assignment is to revise it for clarity and flow. You will then write a paragraph explaining why you made the changes you made. Networks and the need to belong are the basis of friendships and subgroups. Norms, rules, roles, and networks are situational factors that influence encoding and decoding of both verbal and non verbal messages within a culture. Norms are culturally ingrained principles of correct and incorrect behaviors that, if broken, carry a form of overt or covert penalty. W hen the United States decided to help the people of Kuwait defend themselves against Iraq in 1992, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations called in the other ambassadors within his network for their concurrence. A role includes the behavioral expectations of a position within a culture and is affected by norms and rules. The ability to develop networks in intercultural situations can enable you to do business more effectively in multicultural environments. They are unwritten guidelines people within the cultural group follow. Networks are formed with personal ties and involve an exchange of assistance. In some cultures such as the Arab, Spanish, and Japanese, networking is essential because they prefer to conduct business with people they know or with associates of people they know. Rules are formed to clarify cloudy areas of norms. Paragraph Exercise Grading Criteria: Assignment is submitted on time Explanation paragraph is 100-150 words Paragraph development is consistent with logical organization and presentation Paragraph is free of grammatical errors Follow up paragraph clearly explains your process for arranging the paragraph Your sentences are structured well You use correct format, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


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