Four Stages of Cognitive Development

Below is a theory that was discussed in the textbook Educational Psychology: Developing Learners. Following this theory there is a list of what MUST be included in the theory paper summary section. However, other information from the textbook or outside sources can also be included but the following is the list of information that MUST be included Chapter 2 Jean Piaget. I have attached it as a word document.
-Basic Assumptions
-Proposed Four Stages of Cognitive Development
Must be an additional two outside sources that are not websites.
Must be 6 to 8 pages not including Title page, Reference page.
Must be in APA format.
Gives many (5 or more) detailed examples as to how the selected theory can be implemented into the classroom and connects the examples directly back to the theory. (You may use personal pronouns in this section)
Thorough explanation of the rationale as to why the particular theorist/theory was selected. At least 2 rationales were listed and discussed. (You may use personal pronouns in this section)
I have included examples, the rubric, the must be used context from my book, and an APA format cheat sheet.
If you have any questions please message me.