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Format for your First Argumentative Research PaperPapers will be submitted by email to: DUE: NOV 22nd 100 points.Paper length: 6 full pages (typed, double-spaced, your full name at the upper left hand corner of your first page only), PLUS your Reference List (1 page; works need to be listed using the APA format specified in The Little Seagull Handbook; alphabetically, using the author’s last name).SOURCES: use various and different sources; a minimum of 7-10. Use Book chapters, journal, newspaper and magazine articles, government webpages, videos, interviews etc.Follow this Format as closely as possible:I.Introduction to Thesis (your claim—central position you will argue). Need ONE full paragraph here (3/4 of a page) to introduce your subject in an interesting way. The goal is to draw your reader in—make them interested. The last sentence of your introduction should be your THESIS STATEMENT.II.Necessary Background (any information the reader must know in order to understand the argument you are making). Maximum of 1 ¼ PAGE or 2 FULL paragraphs. This is a good place to SUMMARIZE OR PARAPHRASE relevant information from your sources. Put all information in your own words and use parenthetical citations at the end: (author’s last name followed by the page number where information was found); for example, (Twenge, 2017, p. 61), or just (p. 61) if you’ve already told the reader who the author of the information is in your sentence.III.Lines of Argument (give 3 or 4 pieces of EVIDENCE, 3 or 4 GOOD Reasons to support your CLAIM (your thesis). Maximum of 2 ½ Pages or 4 FULL paragraphs.This is where you can SUMMARIZE, PARAPHRASE or QUOTE information from your sources. Use a variety of sources for this section, but a minimum of SEVEN summaries, paraphrases, or quotes combined. Reason to support my thesis #1: use source materials—info in my own words, plus a citation.Reason to support my thesis #2: use source materials—info in my own words, plus a citation.Reason to support my thesis #3: use source materials—info in my own words, plus a citation. Reason to support my thesis #4: use source materials—info in my own words, plus a citation.IV.Refutation of Opposing Arguments (Identify those who do not agree with your claim (thesis), briefly explain why, but SHOW THE WEAKNESSES OF this opposing position. Maximum of 1 page or 2 FULL paragraphs. Use source materials here as well (summaries, paraphrases, or quotations).V.Conclusion. Summarize your position (emphasize your solutions to the matter on hand); let the reader know why this claim is important, and what they are to think and do as a result of what you’ve presented to them. Maximum of ½ a page or 1 full paragraph. No source materials necessary here.**Remember: As we’ve discussed in class, the argument you are to make is your very own, and one which focusses on finding a solution to a problem. The paper should be argumentative not just informative; it is NOT a book report on what several writers have said about an issue with a brief summary at the end where you add your opinions. It is YOUR paper—your argument—from beginning to end. Your own thinking on whatever topic or issue you are tackling, as we’ve mentioned, develops as you ENGAGE your source materials. The more you read, the more individual thoughts you’ll have, the more ideas you’ll develop. Your thinking will evolve the more sources you consult.7-10 sources are the minimum number I require for the paper; however, feel free to consult as many as you can stomach reading. The more the better, but do not go overboard here. The goal is to find what is useful to help you support your claim.******For this first research paper, as I’ve explained in class, you are to examine the effect of the smartphone and social media on our youth, in particular our teenagers born between 1997-2012 (referred to as the IGENERS)—YOUR GENERATION. To begin your exploration, read: The essay “Disconnected” in your INVENTING ARGUMENTS textbook.
Jean Twenge’s essay “Has the Smartphone Destroyed a Generation?” (published in The Atlantic, September 2017, pages 58-65.)
Alexis Boncy’s essay “Under Pressure” (published in Columbia College Today Magazine, Winter 2017-18, pages 21-25).
*****ESSAYS 2 and 3 can be found online; I cannot post them.In addition, you will need to find at least 4 other sources from our SUNY Morrisville library holdings. The more recent the materials you find the better. Good sources are written by experts in the field, etc. and present a substantial amount of information. In other words, 4 sources which are each 1 page long won’t work.
READ THROUGH THE SOURCE MATERIALS FIRST.Then, focus your exploration of the topic. For example, you may become interested in the sleep deprivation associated with constant online engagement and screen time. Or you can become interested in how social media becomes a powerful medium for bullying—which can lead to a myriad of problems for the person bullied. Basically, you can identify a PROBLEM and make an argument where you present a solution.Online bullying is a problem—here’s what we can do to solve the problem.Teenagers are online too many hours a day (a problem)—here’s how we get them to alter this harmful behavior.Teenagers who spend too much time online often become DEPRESSED. Why? Explain what is known about this issue, then proceed to offer a solution. What can be done to reduce or eliminate this depression?REMEMBER, I am looking for YOUR original work. Any paper submitted which is not your work will receive an F grade. There’s no need to plagiarize—ever.I’m not looking for a perfect paper, just your BEST EFFORT. Best efforts, even with some flaws, receive high grades.Good luck.


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