foreign language broadcasts

Visit the Voice of America online. (
(Links to an external site.)
View the languages available, and listen to short clips of at least two foreign language broadcasts. Select English, and sample the programs available. Spend 30 to 60 minutes listening to several programs of your choice.
You need to make note of the types of programs offered.
What do you think were the goals of those programs?
How do they connect back to the mission of VoA, and specifically the goals of the U.S. Government which funds VoA?
If you cannot get the audio to work on VoA, then review written content. Note in your paper that you could not get the audio programming.
Critique the programs you listened to, or VOA programming in general, and submit your thoughts in a 2-4 page paper (as a Word document) to the Assignments area for instructor grading (using the style guide indicated in the syllabus).