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 For Topic listed below, and guided by the rubric shown below, research, write and post through Turnitin™, a 10-12 page (including cover page & references) double-spaced research paper in APA format with abstract. Identify current issues, regulations and practices & address related legal considerations on your chosen topic, using proper legal terminology throughout. You must cite at least 5 references. 
Topic:  Compass Airlines 
2. Select a specific commercial airline (Compass Airlines)  headquartered anywhere in the world, then:
a. Describe the airline, its aircraft fleet, route structure and number of employees.
b. Determine whether the airline is organized as a corporation with private ownership or is owned by the national government.
c. Identify the governmental agency or authority responsible for regulation of the safety of the airline’s flight operations in its home nation.
d. Describe the certification requirements, including minimum flight time, if any, for commercial airline flight deck crewmembers in the airline’s home nation.
e. Identify the governmental agency or authority, if any, empowered to regulate the routes flown, rates charged, and other economic aspects of the airline’s flight operations.
f. Determine the extent to which the airline’s fleet consists of owned vs. leased aircraft.
g. Identify & describe all accidents involving an aircraft operated by that airline since 1/01/2000, including the probable cause of each.
h. Determine whether the airline’s pilots and maintenance personnel based in the airline’s home nation are represented by a labor union or unions and identify and describe any strike activity that may have disrupted airline operations since 1/01/2000.
i. If neither the airline’s pilots nor its maintenance personnel are represented by a labor union or unions, discern whether a law of the airline’s home nation accounts for that and, if so, briefly describe that law.
Context / Introduction: Paper should provide an introduction and a research problem that is related to the field of applicable discipline. Presents relationships between factors with examples. Should develop a coherent, central theme that is expressed in an organized, and logical manner throughout.
15.0 pts Exceeds Standards
13.0 pts Meets Standards
10.0 pts Does Not Meet Standards
Research: Paper should provide comprehensive identification and analysis of issues in the realm of applicable discipline. Should design a course of action to solve the proposed research problem using multi-disciplinary principles, if appropriate. The evidence should come from valid sources. References should be complete and reflect appropriate sources.
25.0 pts Exceeds Standards
21.0 pts Meets Standards
17.0 pts Does Not Meet Standard
Comprehension: Paper should contain well-supported argument based on relevant concepts and theories, providing new ideas to the applicable discipline. Argument should be logical and use examples, evidence, research, and/or data from course content and from valid, external information sources.
25.0 pts Exceeds Standards
21.0 pts Meets Standards
17.0 pts Does Not Meet Standards
Application: Decisions and conclusions should be a result of analysis and synthesis of evidence. Should formulate resolution and recommendations, and may contribute to improvements in the applicable discipline. Conclusion could include possible consequences and outcome scenarios.
25.0 pts Exceeds Standards
21.0 pts Meets Standards
17.0 pts Does Not Meet Standards
Style & Mechanics: Mechanics of style should enhance content understanding, and writing skillfully supports the message and is in required format. Citations and references present and IAW APA.
10.0 ptsExceeds Standards
8.0 pts Meets Standards
7.0 pts Does Not Meet Standards
1.0 pts Meets Expectations
0.0 pts  Does Not Meet Expectations
–Total Points: 100.0


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