Political Science

-For my comparative politics college class -offer a comparative analysis of a po

-For my comparative politics college class
-offer a comparative analysis of a political system based on robust analysis, synthesis, and application of credible, scholarly sources. -Due: 8 p.m Nov. 22 (However, I would prefer it back asap. This is just a rough draft assignment so if you can’t meet some requirements that okay but I would still really appreciate if it was done well.)
-No less than 1000 words -Discuss at least 5 different factors using 2 states as examples (IMPORTANT!)
-Intro w/ thesis statement, body paragraphs that are tightly focused and should transition with signposts, conclusion that appraises the contribution of this paper to larger issues of comparative politics (If you’re confused about this, feel free to leave it out, I can do this myself if it comes back early enough). -Consistently and thoroughly apply relevant concepts, theories, and approaches from the subdiscipline of comparative politics towards explaining and interpreting the case or cases you choose -Appraise the case(s) or issue(s) under consideration from multiple perspectives, and evaluate the strengths and potential shortcomings of the analytical framework that you provide -Use a diverse range of subdiscipline appropriate scholarly and other academically credible sources to develop the historical context and contemporary relevance of the case(s) and/or issue(s) under consideration -Situate the case(s) or issue(s) under consideration in broader historical and contemporary geopolitical contexts that highlights the diversity of political systems and political outcomes relevant to the subfield of comparative politics
-At least 5 Credible sources (IMPORTANT!!)
-Font: 12 pt Times, Spacing: double, Margins: 1in on all sides -25% of course grade