Family and consumer science

Family, Children, Community & Friends, and Spiritual Life.

Read the next 4 chapters of The Hard Questions (Piver book) which are Family, Children, Community & Friends, and Spiritual Life.
Submit the answers to all of the questions in these chapters
Also, on this date you will type a 1-2 page reflection paper on the entire experience of journaling from The Hard Questions and completing this course.
This installment is worth up to 60 points. The journaling for the last 4 chapters in The Hard Questions book is worth 40 points, and the reflection paper is worth 20 points.
Reflection Questions for Reflection Paper — Please number your answers to these questions in your paper.
1. Of all of the chapters in The Hard Questions book, in which two to three did you learn the most about yourself and why? Explain your answer.
2. In reflecting on the entire journaling assignment itself, how do you see your family of origin influencing/shaping your desires? In what ways are you similar to your family of origin? In what ways are you different from your family of origin?
3. Reflecting on the entire class and the journaling assignment, what have you learned specifically about yourself that will help to shape your future life decisions. Please explain why.
4. What advice would you give to future students in this class about what you’ve learned about marriage and family and about yourself?
FAQs about this assignment:
How do I answer the questions? Paragraph form, essay form?
Organize your answers using headings and question numbers. Let me know which question you are answering. For example:
Answer question number 1.
Answer question number 2.
Answer question number 3.
NOTE: You need to answer ALL of the questions in each chapter.
How long should my answers be?
I don’t have a set length for your answers. I need to see that you’ve put some effort into thinking about and answering the questions. If a question doesn’t apply, type the question number and answer it, “Does not apply to me.” You might find that particularly true for the Money chapter at this point in your life. It just depends.
What if I feel that I’ve already answered that question in a previous answer?
Just type: “I answered this question in number 4.”
What if I’m not in a relationship now?
It doesn’t matter if you’re not in a relationship now, or you never have been in one. Answer these questions based on what YOU want/think/feel! This assignment is about finding out what is important to you in life.
What if I’ve been married/partnered for 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?
You have a choice of choosing another relationship book. Email me, and we’ll “talk” about this. Or, what most people do, is to go ahead and use this book. I have had students answer the questions like they would have 10 years ago, and then, what the reality is now. It is up to you.
What if my partner wants to answer the questions, too?
That’s great! Those will not be a part of your grade.
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