Explain why property is a natural right for Locke

Follow each step carefully as below:
1. It is not a research paper.
2. Use minimum resources and references.
3. Assigned reading materials can be used and own ideas/words needs to used.
4. if resources used, then cite them by distinguishing your own ideas/words properly in the text and giving proper end of text credits according to Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edi.
5. other materails shouln’t be bulk quoted.
6. not everything needs to be written about philosophy or any particular philosopher.
7. Only, specifically answer what is asked in each queston.
Q.No1: Explain why property is a natural right for Locke. (500w)
Q.No2: Compare and contrast Descartes and Locke on their views of the possibility of a science of nature. (500w)