explain the overall status of elders in American society

Your paper must address the following:
Giving direct reference to the study material in this module, explain the overall status of elders in American society. For example, how do we regard our elders? Are they considered to be a burden? If so, why is this the case?
After engaging in your own independent research, compare the status of elders in the United States to at least one other developed, industrialized country. Be sure to compare the way that elders are treated, their relationship to other family members, and their overall status in both of these societies.
Adopting a sociological perspective, analyze the way in which gender influences the type of care we provide to our elders. For example, are women or men more inclined to care for their aging parents? Explain in detail.
Finally, provide at least one important policy recommendation that can be implemented in order to provide better care for our elders in the United States. In making this policy recommendation, think about the financial, health, and social support needs of our elders. [MO5.2, MO5.3]