Explain how sectional tensions led to the Civil War.

For this paper, students will use the material from Chapters 13-14 from Give Me Liberty and the supporting sources provided to write a response to ONE of the following prompts. You are not allowed to use any information except was is provided in the class readings and/or videos (if applicable).
1. Explain how sectional tensions led to the Civil War. How did western expansion fuel tensions over slavery? Using the Wilmot Proviso, Compromise of 1850, Kansas-Nebraska Act, events in Kansas, the Dred Scott case, and the Election of 1860, explain how each intensified the sectional conflict. Why did the South believe that slavery would be safer outside of the Union?
2. Analyze the American Civil War. What advantages did the Union and Confederacy possess? How did each side prepare for war? What battles/events were key turning points and contributed to the war’s progression and end? How did the conflict produce economic, political, and social changes?