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explain behavior, patterns and trends in families, divorce, remarriage & blended families.

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Family Presentation
Please use this link to turn in your presentation. Title: Power Point – Fame and FamilyIntroduction: This assignment will assist you in understanding how the ways sociologist study families can be applied to famous families as well. This assignment fulfills/supports
Module Outcomes:
1.1 You will be able to explain behavior, patterns and trends in families, divorce, remarriage & blended families.
1.2 Describe the variety and diversity of families, family forms, and how differences in culture can affect families.
5.2 Describe how family background factors and personal characteristics influence mate selection
Course Outcome: You will be able to Analyze the family as a social institution     You will be able to analyze and explain the change in demographics regarding marriage and child-rearing over time.
General Education Competencies: You will be able to communicate effectively using the American Standard English in professional and academic environments. You will be able to use critical thinking to analyze problems and make logical decisions. You will be able to demonstrate computer literacy. You will be able to demonstrate socialization skills that support cultural awareness and a global perspective.
The Assignment:  This presentation will be your exploration of a famous family (past or present) in the United States.  You may select someone who is in the limelight. This can include movie stars, politicians, athletes, stage actors/musicians, musicians & anyone that is likely to be recognized by your instructor or your classmates. Once you have chosen your ‘family’, you will identify each of the following:
Their family structure (nuclear, single parent, extended, childless, stepfamily, grandparent family)
Habits/rituals of the family
Dating practices in the family
Legality of the family (married or cohabiting)
Roles of the individuals in the family
Identify any conflicts that are known to be in this family
Theoretical perspective that fits with the family (required).
Be sure to include, at a minimum, at least four of the points above in addition to discussion of the theoretical perspective).  You may also include other information that you think is important for your subject.  There should be a minimum of 3-5 outside sources.  Examples of families you might choose (but please feel free to choose others not on this list):
Angelina Jolie
Caitlin Jenner
David Beckham
Guiliana Rancic
Jessica Simpson
Donald Trump
Reece Witherspoon
John F. Kennedy
Lionel Ritchie
Kris Kardashian-Jenner
Goldie Hawn
Kurt Russell
Prince William
Prince Harry
Martin Luther King Jr.
Mathew Broderick
Matthew McConaughey
Serena Williams
Length: At least 15-22 slides