Evaluation of Medication Effectiveness

Complete one ALT for the selected drug (METOPROLOL) and one ALT for the associated system disorder:(ANGINA)
1. Include the following sections for each Medication ALT (examples are available below).
• Medication – Medication Type
• Category Class – Drug class
• Expected Pharmacological Action
• Therapeutic Uses
• Complications
• Medication Administration
• Contraindications
• Nursing Interventions
• Interactions
• Evaluation of Medication Effectiveness
• Client Education
2.completed a
systems disorder ALT for this disease process(ANGINA). Complete ONLY following sections:
i. Alterations in Health
ii. Pathophysiology Related to Client Problem
iii. Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
iv. Assessment
1. Risk Factors
2. Expected Findings
3. Laboratory Tests
4. Diagnostic Procedures
v. Patient-Centered Care
1. Medication
3.Write an analysis describing how the selected medication class relates to the selected systems disorder. • 300 words minimum.
• A strong connection and correlation are made between the selected medication and disease process.
• Be prepared to present and/or submit your templates and analysis
• APA (current edition) formatting used with in-text citations and references when applicable